HansenBrett Hansen
Available: High School/Middle School MWF 7:45-11:04

West Elementary T TH 7:45-11:04

KellyKelly Josephson
 Available from 11:15 to 3:45.
StrawSara Straw
Available: Full Time
Instructional Coaching
In EmmetsburgThe Teacher Leadership & Compensation system offers our teachers an opportunity to take on leadership roles in the area of instruction, assessment, and technology. The leadership roles include:
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Curriculum Leader
  • Tech Integrationist
  • Model Teachers
  • Peer Review Facilitator
  • Mentor Teachers

How will an instructional coach benefit you and your students?

Instructional coaches are not limited to one subject area. They have a variety of strategies and tactics that are applicable to any content. Whether you are a first-­-year science teacher or have taught language arts for 20 years, our instructional coaches can provide assistance, support, and much more.

Content Planning:
  • Develop learning targets
  • Assist in lesson planning
  • Plan and pace units and lessons
  • Form small groups based on student data
  • Identify, define, and teach concepts
  • Develop guiding questions
  • Create learning maps
  • Community Building:
  • Create a learner-­-friendly culture
  • Create behavior plans
  • Identify, teach, and reinforce expectations
  • Correct behavior fluently
  • Establish physical environments that create positive and productive learning
  • Enhance transition time
  • Increase time-­-on-­-task
  • Boost student engagement
  • Examine time management
  • Increase opportunities for student response
  • Instruction:
  • Create and model effective use of graphic organizers
  • Model content area reading instruction
  • Model content comprehension strategies
  • Review methods for providing feedback
  • Assist with differentiation strategies
  • Model instruction
  • Develop effective questioning techniques
  • Review assignments for effectiveness and quality
  • Infuse effective technology into lessons
  • Develop thinking prompts
  • Integrate cooperative learning
  • Enhance authentic learning opportunities
  • Assessment:
  • Assist with analysis of assessment data
  • Create and use formative assessments
  • Create and use summative assessments
  • Develop unit questions
  • Develop and assess learning targets
  • Increase variety of