West Elementary

Preschool FAQs

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Preschool Quick Facts

  • Who will be my child’s teacher? 

There are three preschool teachers at Emmetsburg West Elementary. Additionally, each classroom has a paraeducator. 

Mrs. Rodemeyer (Mrs. Maaland) 

Mrs. Shirk (Miss Rachel) 

Mrs. Auten (Mrs. Harris)  

  • What hours will my child attend preschool? 

Preschool meets Tuesday through Friday from 8:05-3:05, with no class on Mondays. 

  • How will my child get to and from school? 

Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from school. 

Emmetsburg CSD does provide a preschool shuttle bus for transportation of preschoolers to and from some of the registered daycare facilities in our District.  If you have further questions about transportation please feel free to call the West Elementary Office. 


  • What is Creative Curriculum?

Creative Curriculum for Preschool is the curriculum we use and the assessment tool is Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment/Objectives for Development and Learning. Creative Curriculum covers nine areas of learning and development (Social/Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies and The Arts). 

Health Related

  • Are there any forms that NEED to be completed before my child starts preschool in August?

Physical Examination Form

Dental Health Form

Immunizations (Copy from public health)

Preschool Roundup

Due to COVID19 Preschool Roundup has been postponed. More details to follow this summer.

We will be having three preschool roundup sessions this year.  We will have parents sign up for one of the three sessions.  We will have the 1st session from 8:20-10:20 am and the 2nd session will be from 12:20-2:20 pm the first day.  The 3rd session will be from 8:20-10:20 am the second day.  The sessions will be for your preschooler only but someone will need to drop off and pick them up.


  • When do I register my child for Preschool?

If you have not done so already you will need to register your preschooler using the Registration Google Form link below.  You may call the West Elementary Office at 712-852-4485 or email Dawn Siemers if you have any questions. dsiemers@e-hawks.org

 You will not need to attend registration in August, as your child will already be registered.  

Preschool Registration Google Form

  • Will there be a meeting with my child’s teacher before he or she starts preschool?

A home visit will be scheduled at the beginning of the school year to discuss more details of the program and to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, preschool staff will get to know you and your child better! 

Your child’s teacher will call you in August to set up your home visit time. You will also receive a letter with your agreed upon home visit time and more information about home visits before school begins in August. 

  • What is lunch and snack like in preschool?

A school lunch will be served each day to the preschool students as a family style sit down meal. A menu is sent home each month. Students may purchase a lunch or may bring their own lunch from home.  The cost of the lunch meals are determined yearly. During the 2019-2020 school year, the price for a student lunch was $2.75, which includes milk. If your preschooler wishes to bring a packed lunch, they will still get charged for a milk, that cost is $.35.  We use the milk for our family style snack and lunch milk pitchers.  A letter or e-mail will be sent when lunch money is due. 

Free or Reduced prices:

If you qualify, you may receive free or reduced lunch prices. Reduced meal prices may vary from one year to the next. The current prices for reduced meals are: Lunch $.40. Application forms for free or reduced lunch are available upon request. Email: Dawn Siemers - dsiemers@e-hawks.org

What supplies will my child need for preschool? 

  • 2- 24 pack crayons

  • 2- big glue sticks

  • One 2 pocket PLASTIC folder

  • 1 pencil box (labeled with name) 

  • 3- box Kleenex

  • 1- pack of baby wipes

  • 2- pack of Clorox wipes  

  • 3 rolls of paper towels 

  • 1 large beach towel for rest time (labeled with name on tag) 

  • Backpack (please make sure it is big enough to hold a 9x12 folder)

  • Change of Clothes (labeled with name on tag) 

    • T-Shirt, Pants, Socks, Underwear

  • What if I think of a question after the open house? Is there someone I can contact?

Feel free to contact any of the preschool teachers with any questions you may have.

Mrs. Auten- dauten@e-hawks.org

Mrs. Shirk- jshirk@e-hawks.org 

Mrs. Rodemeyer- mrodemeyer@e-hawks.org