COVID-19 FAQ - Emmetsburg Schools

Emmetsburg Community School District

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Prom take place as planned?

    • Still a little too early to speculate on Prom...if we can have Prom, we will.

  2. Will seniors graduate on time?

    • At this point in time, Graduation Commencement is still on as scheduled.

  3. Will seniors have to make up days/hours?

    • The Governor has waived four weeks of the required days/hours. So, as of now, seniors (as well as ALL students) do not have any time/days to make up.

  4. Will the school year be extended into the summer?

    • Not at this time.

  5. Will the school be offering online teaching/homework/classes during this time?

    • Due to guidelines from the State, we are not offering any online teaching/homework/classes at this time. There are many resources available online that parents can choose to utilize at home.

  6. Are the meals being offered by the school free to the public or charged from family accounts?

    • Free

    • Families can drive through the east drive way to the Middle School Entrance (Door #18) and pick-up breakfast and lunch each day from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m.

    • Families on a bus route will be contacted by their bus driver and we will deliver these breakfast and lunch meals each day starting Monday, March 23rd.

    • If your family is enrolled in the Backpack Program, these will be provided on Friday and can be picked up in the morning at the Middle School with the lunches. If you can’t get here to pick-up your bag from Feed Our Kids, notify the school and we will have them delivered.

  7.  What is the status of Driver’s Education?

    • Classes are currently postponed. Our plan is to share a new schedule with students/ parents that have registered on April 13, 2020.

  8. What will happen with Spring sports?

    • All sports and other extracurricular activities are prohibited from taking place during the four week closure.

    • The spring sports season changes and updates will be dependent upon returning to school.

  1. What will happen with summer sports?

    • Starting dates for summer sports have not been altered at this time.

  2. Will scholarship deadlines change?

    • Scholarship deadlines will remain as set.

    • Students are encouraged to reach out to Ms. Schutjer ( for guidance and questions on this process.

  3. Will my ILCC classes still happen?

    • Yes, all online classes are still in session (currently, Iowa Lakes would be on Spring Break, but online classes will resume on Wednesday, March 25th).

    • Face-to-face courses will be converted/offered online to start-up Wednesday, March 25th. Students will hear from their Iowa Lakes instructor in the next week on what this will look like.

    • Career Academy – Wednesday March 25th Iowa Lakes will be resuming classes. If a student feels comfortable going to campus they are welcome to attend.  If a student does not feel comfortable attending campus, please let your instructor and Ms. Schutjer know, so we can continue to work on solutions.

    • Concurrent Enrollment courses taught by high school teachers - Iowa Lakes is continuing to work on this and will update when they determine how to proceed.

  4. Will there still be an A.P. Exam?

  5. Will our students be allowed to get items out of their lockers?

    • The district is working on a plan/schedule to allow students to come into the building and get their personal items. If the time indicated doesn’t work, please contact the building administration to make other arrangements.