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Emmetsburg Community School District ESSER III Funding “Big Rocks”

Emmetsburg Community School District will have access to one-time federal funding to address the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The District is striving to utilize this funding opportunity to leverage the greatest impact for our staff, students, and families.  We are sharing the “Big Rocks'' of our plan and asking for public input.  Please review the outline of our plan below and click on the survey link in the bottom right corner to provide us with your thoughts.  

Health and Safety

  • Classroom Environment 

  • Sanitation and Cleaning

  • Air Quality

  • Outdoor Learning Spaces

Additional Personnel to Address Loss of Opportunity to Learn

  • Additional Interventionist to meet individual student needs

  • Mental Health Support

  • Nursing Services

  • Full-Time Substitute Teaching Services

Extended School Year, School Day, and Summer Learning

  • After School Programming

  • Summer School Programming

  • Clubs and Activities to Reconnect Students to School and Peers.

Update Curriculum and Resources to Address Loss of        Opportunity to Learn

  • Provide Teachers and Students with Research-Based, Highly Effective Curriculum and Instructional Materials.  

Professional Development

  • Research-Based Instruction

  • Formative Assessment

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Technology Integration

Social-Emotional Learning and Supports to Address Impact of  Pandemic

  • Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

  • Social-Emotional Supports and Services

Technology to Connect Students to Instruction and Curriculum Resources

  • One to One Devices

  • One to One Infrastructure to allow Access

  • Classroom Technology

Assessment System to Identify Individual Student Needs

  • Formative Assessment Systems to Identify Student Needs

  • Programs and Supports for Individual Student Learning

Administrative Support Systems for Effective Management of Schools

  • Curriculum Management Software

  • Formative Assessment Programs

  • Financial and Business Software

Public Input Survey Link

ECSD ESSER III Plan Public Input/Comment

Responses accepted through 7/31/21