Superintendent Information

On April 21, 2021, the ECSD Board of Directors voted to pursue a trademark for our logo (Muscle Bird) and our school nickname “E-Hawks.''   Our brand is very strong both in our area and across the state.  When people see the Muscle Bird with the Term “E-Hawks” they immediately make the association with the Emmetsburg Community School District.  This brand recognition is a huge plus for our District.  The ECSD Story is and should reflect positively on our school district and our community.  

We believe that when a person sees the Muscle Bird combined with “E-Hawks” that it is a reasonable assumption that whatever it is attached to is associated with ECSD.  We also believe that is the responsibility of the ECSD Board of Directors to ensure that any association with our brand is in line with the vision and mission of our District.  

So how will this trademark impact the relationship between ESCD organizations that have been affiliated with ECSD? The reality is that there will be little if any change.  Affiliated Organizations have had a positive relationship with and worked collaboratively with ECSD and its Board of Directors.  The vision and mission of these organizations are aligned and have facilitated a positive relationship.  ECSD is committed to continuing to work with affiliated organizations in utilizing our brand to benefit our students.  

The real change will be with individuals and organizations who do not work collaboratively with ECSD and its Board of Directors prior to utilizing our Brand.  I think we would all agree that if someone was using your name and/or brand without your permission, you would want this to stop.  

The Emmetsburg Community School District will continue working with its partners to provide amazing opportunities for our students.  

Darren D. Hanna

Superintendent of Schools

Emmetsburg Community School District