Superintendent Information

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the next phase of Winter.  As the snow accumulates and blows it becomes more difficult to make decisions on delaying or canceling school due to weather.  Please know that our number one priority is to do our best to keep everyone safe while making sure we provide the educational opportunities our students need and deserve.  

When we experience weather issues we:

  • Monitor multiple sources for weather information

  • Communicate with other Districts

  • Communicate with the Palo Alto County Secondary Roads Department.  

Taking all of that information into consideration, we make the best decision we can about delaying or canceling school.  

That being said, we may encounter issues that do not allow us to pick up students on certain routes or roads.  If this occurs, you will be contacted by your child’s building.  If the situation continues, the District will go to hard surface stops on all rural routes until it is safe to resume normal routes.  

As a parent, at any time you feel it is not safe for you or your student to drive to school, please notify your student’s building and your student will be excused for the day.  

If we communicate and work together, we can safely navigate another Winter season in Northwest Iowa!

Go E-Hawks

Darren D. Hanna


Emmetsburg Community School District