Superintendent Information


Dear ECSD Families,

Due to an increase in COVID-19 Virus Activity in our Community, ECSD is going to implement the Hybrid Learning Plan beginning Monday, November 16th  through Sunday, November 29th.  We will review data and make an announcement on which model will begin on Monday, November 30th  on Friday, November 27th

Please review the following information on the ECSD Hybrid Learning Plan.  

Current Situation

  • Governor Reynolds held a news conference on 11-10-20 and implemented new mitigation strategies for COVID-19. 

  • There is concern across the state with the number of available hospital beds and the inability to transfer patients to other facilities.  

  • ECSD has had to isolate a whole Jr. High basketball team due to exposure at practice.  

  • As of this message ECSD has over 100 staff and students in quarantine/isolation.  Our Quarantine/Isolation Rate is over 11%. State metric is 10%. 

  • The Positivity Rate in Palo Alto County stands at 17.2% but there has been an increase in testing which could lead to an increase in the Positivity Rate. State metric is 15%

Our Response

  • ECSD Mask Requirement will stay in place

  • The majority of the students in isolation due to close contact is at the Secondary Level and therefore we need to maximize Social Distancing at the High School and Middle School.  


In consultation with Palo Alto Community Health, the Emmetsburg Community School District will move to a Hybrid Model Starting Monday, November 16th, and go through Sunday, November 29th.  By utilizing previously scheduled early release time and Thanksgiving Break, we will maximize previously scheduled out of school time to put in place a two week buffer to help with the spread of the virus.   We will reevaluate with Palo Alto Community Health every two weeks to determine if it is feasible to go back to full in-person learning.  


ECSD Hybrid Model


Secondary Grades 5-12 Move to Hybrid Model

ECSD High School and Middle School will implement an A/B School Week by Family.  This will allow for approximately ½ of the students to attend school on any given school day at the Secondary Level.  Students from the same family would attend school two days a week on either an A Day or a B Day.  Families will be notified as to which schedule their student(s) are on.  


Secondary Grades 5-12 Hybrid Model

  • A Day--Monday and Thursday

  • B Day--Tuesday and Friday

  • Wednesdays (no in-person learning) would be used for:

    • A.M.  Open class periods for any student(s) to work with teachers via Google Meet.  

    • P.M. Staff PD and support for online learning.    

The reduction in student numbers in the building will allow us to provide social distancing throughout the day. Face Masks will still be required.  

Elementary Grades PK-4 Hybrid Model

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    • All students PK-4 will attend school 

  • Wednesday 

    • Wednesday’s students will be doing individual work from home.  

    • Staff PD and support for online learning.  

It is crucial that we provide elementary students in-person access to their teachers as they master foundational benchmarks in reading and math.   Face Masks would still be required. 


Grab and Go Lunches

We are required and will offer grab and go lunches for families on the days that your students are not in school.  Please fill out the following survey to request meal service.  


ECSD Hybrid Learning Request for Free Meal Pick-Up


There will be no school on Friday the 13th.  Staff will utilize this day to make the transition and be ready to go on the following Monday.  Staff will also have tomorrow and Thursday to work directly with students to prepare them for the shift.  


Building will be communicating with parents to provide information and support.  


Stay Safe, Stay Well,


Darren D. Hanna


Emmetsburg Community Schools