Superintendent Information

The Emmetsburg Community School District was alerted that School Food Authorities (SFA) may choose to provide meal service under the Summer Food Program through December 31, 2020 (subject to available funding).

We will transition to the Summer Food Service Program starting Monday September 14 2020.  ALL students are able to eat breakfast and lunch for FREE. We are not sure how long the funding will last but we wanted to start this as soon as possible.


Q: Are there qualifications to this program and how do we sign up?

A: No. All kids 0-18 are eligible to participate and the district will be reimbursed from the Federal Government and there is nothing for families to do.

Q: What if my student wants a second milk?

A: Students are provided one milk with the free meal. If they want a second milk they will need to pay regular price.

Q: What if my student wants a second meal?

A: Students are provided one FREE meal. If they want a second meal they will need to pay regular price. 

Q: If my child brings their lunch and wants to purchase milk can they do that?

A: Yes, but you would be charged. This a FREE meal program and the milk comes with the meal.

Q: What if my student wants ala carte (Grades 7-12)?

A: Ala carte items are paid for by the student and will be deducted from the family lunch balance. If you prefer your students not purchase ala carte items, let your building office know and this can be removed from your account.

Q: It says this is “subject to available funding”, how will we know when this ends?

A: We will communicate with you with as much warning as possible that the FREE status is ending or will end.

Q: Can I come into the building and eat for FREE with my student?

A: No. Currently we are restricting access to our building. However, the program is only for 18 and under, all adults will still have to pay for breakfast and lunch.