Superintendent Information

Thoughts on Week One


I found this online and wanted to share.  It really brings home the enormity and complexity of the challenge for the staff at ECSD.  It also speaks to how much everyone at ECSD is invested in your child.    



There are some things you should know. 


We won’t do everything right this year.

We won’t make every parent happy. 

Some teachers will try their best to social distance their kids, and it will be viewed as unfair and prison-like.

Some teachers won’t be able to social distance, and it will be seen as being careless and unsafe.

Some teachers will try to avoid hugging students, and it will be seen as cold and unloving.  

Some teachers will hug students, and it will seem reckless and defiant.


And the truth is, we don’t really know what is “right” during this time. 


But there are other things you should know, too. 


We’ve waited 5 months to open these doors back up... for your kids. 

We’ve cried countless tears... over your kids. 

We’ve prayed countless prayers... for your kids. 

We’ve rearranged schedules (countless times) to accommodate hand-washing, disinfecting, and social distancing... to protect your kids. 

We’ve had hard conversations about face coverings in order to be able to stay at school...with your kids. 

We’ve had hard conversations about a lot of things... all for your kids. 


Because YOUR kids are OUR kids. 


And behind these masks and shields, we will have big, big smiles...and maybe some tears...because we love these kids more than we can put into words. And we simply want what is best for them - academically, but physically and emotionally, too. The problem is, it’s anything but simple right now. 


There will be some lost instructional time this year... replaced with hand washing and wiping down tables and supplies over and over again. 


We might not be able to gather in large groups to celebrate our students like we have in the past. Field trips might be postponed, lunch periods shifted, outside visitors limited. 


But there are some things that won’t be lost; some things that COVID could never take away. 


The endless amounts of energy we will give providing the best instruction that we can.

The time we will spend giving kids what they need academically and emotionally.

The unfailing love we will surround your kids with.


....every single day that we’re physically able. 


We’re in this together.

Again, your kids are our kids.

Please be patient with us. 

Please pray for us.

We promise, we’re going to do the best that we can. ❤