Emmetsburg Community School District
Registration Reminders 2020-21

We would like to share some reminders with you as we officially kick-off Registration for the 20-21 School Year on Monday, August 10, 2020. We know this school year is going to look a little different, but we are really looking forward to having students in the building again! We ask that you be patient as we work through new protocols, policies, and procedures. 

All forms for registration can be located on our school web page under Explore - Parent Resources - 2020-21 Registration Forms. Families that are new to our District can also find resources here to get the registration process started.

Please contact your building office with any additional questions you may have regarding the online registration process.

Signing Forms: You should look for the area in the Registration process to sign forms for your students. You will sign the forms once and it applies to all of your children in the District that need that form signed. These electronic signatures are stored in our system for the year. This removes the need for parents to print forms or come to the school and sign hard copies.

Activity Tickets: You have probably noticed we did not load student activity tickets in the registration fees. If you would like to purchase an activity ticket for your student, please contact the office in which your student attends and we will get these added. We are meeting next week to discuss the process for spectators at our events and will be sharing out those guidelines once they are completed. We are unsure at this time if the guidelines we have received from the State will change and if they will impact spectators as our events. We know these events will look a little different with COVID-19 regulations and want parents/students to understand that before purchasing these tickets.

Activities: We are starting the year charging students that are currently signed up and participating in football, volleyball, cross country and football cheerleading. Return to Play plans have been developed and shared with students/parents for these activities and we are looking forward to successful seasons. Once we move into other seasons, we will review State guidance, develop the Return to Play plans, ask for students to sign-up and then assess fees based on these sign-ups.

Yearbooks: You will notice we have not charged for Yearbooks. As the year is unknown at this time, we are waiting for the year to get started to assess whether or not a Yearbook can be completed at all levels. If we need to reduce the number of pages, we will look at a reduction in cost. Watch for updates as we move through the year.