Juniors & Seniors & Parents:

As many of you have already seen, we had to make the tough decision to cancel Prom 2020. This decision was made after receiving guidance from the State and the need to continue social distancing. This was not a quick decision, but made after much thought, research, and clarification of guidelines from the State. We took some time to consider other options and opportunities to celebrate our students. Our biggest priority is keeping our students safe. The Prom and Post Prom committees have done a lot of planning and we want them to know the District is very appreciative. We also want parents, students, community members and businesses to know that these groups are making plans to have a Senior Send-off in August. The gifts/money that has been donated to celebrate our students will be used as intended by those that made the donations. During the send-off the Post Prom is currently planning a celebration with more details to come later. There is no "Prom" being planned that is affiliated with the school district or funds from the school or Post Prom nor is anything being sponsored by the school. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact School Administration. Thanks!